Created in 2013, Electrum Artists is the first talent agency in the Middle East dedicated to Electronic music artists. We provide DJs the opportunity to carve a name among the worlds greatest.

Part of our vision for Egypt's electronic music scene is predicated upon the idea that this country is an ocean of artistic talent with people passionate and eager for inspiration and creativity as a way of life.

Our roster boasts international DJs that are known around the globe for their exceptional music. The roster also includes exceptionally talented DJs that are a staple of the Egyptian scene and our mission is to provide them with every aspect they need to break into the international industry. Under the guidance of its mother company, Electrum Artists is essentially dedicated to employ a team with the skills to manage the bookings and logistics for each DJ & artist.

Every major city with a strong music culture started somewhere in time to become what it is now. Egypt is witnessing the birth of this music scene today. One day we'll be the ones exporting our talent abroad and getting our locals gigs everywhere around the world where they can get a chance to play what it is they love most: their own music. Through the collective effort of promoters, artists, club owners and music managers, Cairo and Egypt can become beacons in the Middle East where music is a culture and a way of life.

Check out our talent roster and book your DJ directly from our website through our booking form.

Whether it's a gig, production or remix, Electrum Artists can cater to all your requirements.